Private Instructors

Whether you're a novice who needs clay shooting lessons or a veteran shooter who wants to improve, we can provide you with private instructors to help you advance. The following instructors are in-house and provide instruction to a range of skill levels. Please contact them directly to schedule a lesson. 

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Gary Gerard
Tel: (860) 604-8777  

Jack Harper
Tel: (281) 300-0813

Dennis Doll

Tel: (813) 486-1776 (mobile)

(813) 963-7396 (home)


Louis Smith Level 1 Instructor
Tel: (813) 966-3673  

Ross Suddath Level I Instructor 

Tel: (813) 431-1928

Ed Welch
Tel: (727) 600-2381

Brad Grabill Level 1 Instructor


Archery Information & Lessons

Andrew Pisarkiewicz

Tel: (813) 363-2525


Tampa Bay Archery School at TBSC

Bryce Smith

Tel: 813-856-9668

Click here for their website

In addition to our in-house instructors, we also have outside instructors who we recommend for clay shooting lessons. Please contact them directly as well for lessons.

Michael Maskell

Tel: (812) 322-6905



Irwin Greenstein
Tel: (352) 293-4968

Deborah McKown
Tel: (443) 865-0047

Skip Peck
Tel: (813) 298-8695


Don Currie  Chief Instructor (NSCA)
Level III Instructor

Tel: (407) 697-6236    

Fred Wilson
Tel: (813) 967-2807



Instructor Packages

Instructor Package #1

1-2 Shooters

1 Hour of Guided Instruction

50 Clay Targets

2 Boxes of Ammo

1 Golf Cart

1 Gun Rental 

$125.00 plus Tax


Instructor Package #2

1-4 Shooters

2 Hour of Guided Instruction

100 Clay Targets

4 Boxes of Ammo

1 Golf Cart

1 Gun Rental 

$250.00 plus Tax

**Contact Gary or Jack to book these options, their numbers can be found on our instructors page**

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