Tampa Bay Sporting Clays Shooting Rules

Our rules are designed to ensure the safety of everyone at Tampa Bay Sporting Clays. We want everyone to have fun and feel safe while doing so. Before you visit TBSC, make sure you note each of the rules below. Anyone who breaks these rules will be asked to leave immediately.

  • Ear and eye protection must be worn at all times

  • Valid U.S> Idenification is REQUIRED for all gun rentals

  • Breaches must be open, unless in shooting cage

  • No loading outside of shooting cage (this includes by golf carts or behind other shooters)

  • Never exit shooting cage with a loaded gun

  • Guns are to be pointed downrange only

  • Do not walk in front of shooting cage or stray from designated trails

  • Shots are to be fired only at our moving clay targets (not at our signs, trees, machines, or any other object)

  • Do not touch clay trap machines

  • Only load two shells maximum at a time

  • No shell length longer than 2 3/4 inch allowed

  • No shot size larger than 7.5 allowed

  • No slugs allowed

  • No tactical guns under 24-inch barrel length allowed

  • No extension magazines allowed

  • No alcohol or drug use are permitted at any time on the course or prior to shooting. 

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