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In addition to our renowned sporting clays facilities, we also provide opportunities for archery. Tampa Bay Sporting Clays has some of the best archery facilities in Tampa, including two courses. 

The Stationary Course is designated for all bows, including crossbows, field points, and has three stations: 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. 

The 3D Course is ASA certified and has 15 stations with at least one life-size animal target at each station. The course is setup in the woods and is lifelike, including the following animals: whitetail deer, mule deer, fallow deer, black bear, brown bear, wart hog, wild boar, javelina, Russian boar, impala, pronghorn antelope, wolf, African leopard, hyena, and Corsican sheep.





Stationary Course
Adult: $15
Child: $10

Both courses (3D and Stationary)
Adult: $20
Child: $15



All  archery visits are $5 for members 


Rental bow: $10
Arrows: $5 each


Archery Information & Lessons

Andrew Pisarkiewicz


Tel: (813) 363-2525

Private Lessons by appointment only!



Please visit the event calendar for archery tournament dates

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